Legitimacy and Transparency of the Tender Procedure for Licensing for Building, Maintenance and Utilization of Second GSM Provider on the territory of Bulgaria

This publication presents the results from the monitoring of the tender procedure for licensing of a second GSM provider on the territory of Bulgaria, conducted at the end of 2000. Along with the results and analysis of the observed procedure, the report presents relevant international legal framework and the practice of cellular mobile networks building, maintaining and operating.


Transparency and Legitimacy of the Bulgarian Telecommunication Company Sale, Considering the Importance, the Consequences and the Reflection of the Agreement on Bulgarian Society: Analysis of the Procedure and the Draft Legislation for Privatization

The sale of the Bulgarian Telecommunication Company (BTC) is one of the most significant privatization deals for the country. Its realization was of considerable value for the Bulgarian economy and was an indicator not only for the government eagerness to assert its engagements to the World Trade Organization, but also for compliance with the conditions for EU accession. The privatization procedure of BTC was a step of the process of liberalization of the telecommunication market in Bulgaria. This inspired Association “Transparency International” to initiate the first public oversight of this type of procedure. The current publication represents the results from the monitoring, carried out in 1999. The publication is available in Bulgarian language.

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