White List

The White List of the tenderers acceded to Integrity Pact in public procurement aims at giving publicity to what extent the participants in the IP keep their commitments and input to enhancing of transparency and accountability of the public funds spending.


By providing information to society the White List acknowledges companies who contribute to the increase of integrity and to the establishment of a fair and competitive business environment in the country. Our intention is through the White List to stimulate companies’ managers and employees to follow best practices towards transparent, integrate and ethical business.


By acceding to the Integrity Pact firms show that business is not indifferent to societal issues, which often originate from corruption and misuse of public funds. By demonstrating willingness for transparency and accountability companies pioneer high integrity standards, thus harvesting good reputation and higher credibility of their clients.


The IP regulations provide for sanctions of the parties who failed to comply their commitments through withdrawal from the White list.


The White List and the Bulgarian IP model have been elaborated by Transparency International – Bulgaria based on multiple researches in the public procurement, best practices on international level and in accordance with the national legislation.

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