Civil Monitoring

Since 1999 Transparency International – Bulgaria have implemented independent civil monitoring of a number of deals concluded by the state. The main goal of our organisation is to observe risks for corruption, to disclose their roots as well as to propose recommendations and practical tools for their overcome.


When conducted by an impartial independent organisation monitoring of spending of public funds allows to outline deficiencies regarding to transparency and accountability in legal framework and practice.


Active participation of civil society organisations along with governmental institutions and business in privatization, concession contracting, and public procurement procedures contributes to reduction of embezzlement of public funds and undermining the public interest.


As a tool for oversight of the performance of institutions the civil monitoring continuously evaluates. TI-Bulgaria regularly improves the applied toolkit by applying lessons learned as well as the newest international developments and best practices. At the same time the monitoring methodology is being adjusted to current changes in political and business environment.

Integrity Pact

The Integrity Pact is a tool for corruption prevention and non-transparent management of public funds. The conception of IP was developed by Transparency International in the mid-1990s and since then has been applied in over 300 tenders in 15 countries worldwide.


Viewed in a broader context, the Integrity Pact is designed to create confidence in the decision-making process, to facilitate the establishment of favorable environment for investment and to increase civil support towards public funds expenditure, privatization and licensing programs.


The Bulgarian model of IP was developed by TI-Bulgaria in 2011. It is elaborated in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation and represents an additional instrument for increased transparency and integrity in one of the most problematic areas of governance – public procurement. From 2012 to 2014 TI-Bulgaria accomplished pilot implementation of the IP in a number of tenders carried out by the Road Infrastructure Agency, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.


Since 2015 Transparency International – Bulgaria has started an initiative for monitoring of the public procurement procedure for design and build of Zheleznitsa tunnel on Struma motorway. The action is implemented as a part of the “Integrity Pacts – Civil control mechanisms for safeguarding EU funds, Phase 2” project.

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